‼ [new product] wear mask in winter to prevent stuffy, inner support artifact, breathable makeup 3D three-dimensional support, mouth and nose separation support frame to prevent strangulation

Color, size, 5 pieces in blue (for adults, 5 pieces in blue (for adults, 10 pieces in blue) (for adults, 10 pieces in blue) (for children, 10 pieces in white (for children, 10 pieces in white) (children's, pink 10 Pack (children's, blue 5 Pack) (children's, blue 10 Pack (children's,,,

The size is appropriate, the style is also good, and the thickness is also appropriate. Before buying, the customer service also gave advice. There was no wrong size. The customer service was very serious and careful. Buying one for free is also a good choice, and the price is also cheap. I don't know where the praise came from? The zippers are reversed, which is easy to wrinkle and stick. The hair is thin and easy to get dirty. The cloth is poor. There are holes in the buttocks after wearing it several times

Mask anti stuffy support inner support anti strangulation anti stuffy artifact support frame anti rubbing makeup 3D three-dimensional breathable nose

Mask bracket inner bracket inner bracket silicone mouth and nose inner bracket anti stuffy makeup removal artifact 3D three-dimensional breathable children's bracket can be washed with water